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Corey Brewis

Partner, Brand Strategy

Corey Brewis
Partner, Brand Strategy

A seasoned writer, brand and creative strategist with business acumen and a sharp marketing mind, Corey Brewis is the proverbial needle in a haystack.

With a Journalism degree and two decades worth of experience in brand and brand strategy development, research and trend analysis, marketing and messaging strategy, conceptual development, creative execution, advertising, creative writing, and print and photo journalism, Corey has been recognized in numerous industry publications and associations across the country for his international award-winning design and communications work.

Throughout the course of his career, Corey led the creative teams which developed SAM and Summit Creative award-winning brand and marketing strategies for numerous local, national and international corporations, professional and personal services companies, non-profit organizations, and communities and municipalities of all sizes throughout North America.

In addition to his career in branding and marketing, Corey has worked in public relations (with a focus on internal communications and community relations) and has been published in major daily national newspapers and magazines as a freelance writer and photographer. A firm believer in mentorship, he’s also given numerous seminars, panel discussions and workshops to government and media professionals, corporate executives, entrepreneurial associations with members across all industries, Chambers of Commerce, and to emerging writers and designers from junior high to university levels.

In October, 2013, Corey created The Southern Alberta Junior Roller Derby Association (SAJRD) as a not-for-profit organization promoting simple fun and individual expression through the exciting team sport of competitive Junior Roller Derby. He sits as past President, Director of Brand & Marketing, and, together with his work and life partner, Cynthia Walker, as proud derby parent to their (eldest of six kids) blocker / jammer daughter “Stabbey Brewser.”