Branding and Marketing Services

No fuss, no muss – we’re all business; driven by the simple and tidy notion that you must first connect in order to direct.

We simply ask that you remember and appreciate the heart, face, voice and actions of your organization or community when navigating the often complex, dynamic relationship between internal business effort and external consumer interpretations:

Where brand is the heart of an organization, visual identity, graphic design and imagery form the face, messaging and communications the voice, and lastly, how this communication is delivered; to whom, where and when – this is marketing action.

Together – heart, face, voice and actions – each must be working in unison to tell part of the same brand story – thereby providing a holistic, consistent, authentic and accurate representation of the entity as a whole, with the absolute understanding and belief that all marketing action should be defined and directed by what is contained within the heart (just as we, as decent people, should experience and practice in daily life).


In this sense then, brand is proven to be both a perception and a driving force, and in the absence of its clear definition, any marketing action is at best a shot in the dark, and at worst an irresponsible and potentially damaging waste of time, effort and cost.

Simply put, we firmly believe that all marketing communications challenges require impactful creative solutions that must be developed with much more than just ‘creative’ in mind. It’s through the research and development of tailored strategies, marketing plans, communications tactics and targeted creative campaign stories that celebrate differentiation while sparking and fuelling cultural relevance, that brands grow so contagious and compelling that they simply cannot be controlled, tamed or tampered.


One extra-large size fits all.

Simple and tidy does not mean deconstruction of our services, nor a reduction of our efforts to incentivize client engagement via “Starter” and “Pro” packages. Brand building is not akin to adjusting a meal recipe to feed a family of 5 versus a family of 50 or 500, nor should the process be little removed from checking or unchecking from a list of options for your new car. The successful building, strengthening or re-positioning of your brand requires extensive research and understanding. Limited research does not reduce cost. It reduces effectiveness. Gaps need be identified and filled, opportunities explored, and your beating heart mined and exposed. The length and structure of the brand story, which drives all creative and marketing direction, cannot be stifled or expanded based upon desired word count. The brand story is your story – not ours. And who are we to censor or embellish it?

Time and effort are key in the neutralizing of cost as the primary motivating factor throughout any stage of the sales cycle. Deep dives into research for greater identification, clarity and definition of organizational and industry SWOT analysis and audience pain points are necessary to shape the brand strategy, which provides tone and direction for the marketing strategy, which underpins marketing campaign conceptual development and the creation of marketing communications content as tools of awareness and validation in support of sales enablement and increased ROI.

The Unfussy Brand and Marketing Performance Audit and The Unfussy process for initial brand building and creative execution allow for ease of cost without compromising the integrity of your standards, our values, or the finished product as a source of hope and happiness, pride and revenue generation.

Why compromise when you can have the work you need in a way that works for you? Contact us today to learn how.