Brand Coaching

Designed for bold and courageous entrepreneurs and small business owners / managers who recognize the importance of brand building and are willing and able to do the heavy lifting, but don’t know where to begin.


Through the facilitation of our Unfussy Brand Discovery Workshop (for teams) or one-on-one style coaching (for individuals), we’ll work with you to inspire the nebulous brand development process – steering you through the logical steps required to:

1. Do your Homework

Conducting research to identify and understand audience pain points and preferences

2. Define your Why

Using the simple stick to define your intangible wealth

3. Write your Brand Story

Wielding the joy stick to find your voice and uncover the essence of brand – directing all efforts moving forward

4. Illustrate your Brand Story

Wielding the joy stick to translate brand essence and messaging into visuals

5. Actionize your Brand Story

Striking the match stick to forge brand essence, messaging and visuals into relevant, resonating creative and marketing communications

Through a combination of targeted internal and external research (including existing and potential audience analysis, industry and competitor analysis, and SWOT and gap analysis), guided introspection and deep abstract thought, you’ll learn how to define the essence of your brand, which can then be expressed within a plot-driven brand story. As a proud declaration of your intentions, motivations, values and beliefs, it establishes the narrative tone which inspires all messaging and visual execution.

The brand story is both your rallying cry and your manifesto.

As you move from words to images to conceptual development, you’ll come to understand not just all the reasons why you truly matter, but also how to effectively communicate these reasons to the right people in the right place at the right time and in the right way to at first make an emotional connection with a potential customer before you can effectively direct them to sales action.

Not for the faint of heart, these are certainly challenging, yet exciting times you face – with the future of your brand image in your hands. But have no fear. Your hands are in good hands…

We’ll guide those hands all Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore Ghost-style as you learn:

  • What is brand, what is it not, and why does it matter
  • The definition of brand as your beating heart in pursuit of happiness and the means by which intangible wealth is exchanged for tangible results
  • How branding works: The philosophical and psychological components of brand as the understanding of people and the appreciation of the human condition
  • The relationship between brand, marketing, advertising and sales
  • Why you should be yourself, even if that means being yourself (celebrating differentiation)
  • Why and how your brand should be disruptive, fluid and evolving
  • How to formulate your brand promise and define your Why (The ONLY statement)
  • How to craft your Brand Story
  • The Brand Building Process – including: Use of Brand Math© and Marketing Science©, Situational Analysis, SWOT Analysis, Industry and Competitive Analysis, Audience Analysis, Gap Analysis, Brand Strategy Development, Messaging Platform Development, Visualization, and Brand Adoption, Implementation and Management
  • How to make heartfelt brand connections, forge relationships and instill deep trust, interest, confidence and evangelical loyalty beyond reason
  • How to design your audience(s) and build a brand community through relevant and resonating branding and marketing tactics (the shift from individual influencers to modern crowd cultures of engagement and interaction)
  • How to empower your audience to power your brand (How to give almost free love for free enterprise)
  • How to build a strong internal culture (using brand to effectively recruit and retain employees)
  • Traditional and online / social media marketing and advertising tactics
  • How and why you should alter the drift trajectory of your marketing in times of crisis
  • Case Study Discussions including examples

You will be armed with:

  • A ridiculous amount of rich knowledge
  • A Brand Workbook with instruction on how to discuss and answer questions and perform exercises designed to help personify your company in order to release brand inspiration, guide abstract thought, and uncover the beating heart of brand to identify your brand promise and offerings of intangible wealth beyond that of your commodities and services
  • A SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Analysis Workbook with instruction on how to complete
  • Instruction on how best to assign roles and responsibilities
  • An understanding of where and how to deep dive and conduct the extensive research and analysis required to visualize your brand direction
  • An understanding of how to expose the beating heart of your brand, and ensure narrative and visual cohesion in order to properly and effectively determine and execute meaningful marketing action to promote sales and revenue growth
  • The inspiration, passion and potential to command the pivotal role of permanent, lifestyle-defining (and ultimately bottomline driving) protagonist versus that of a forgettable supporting character within the life story of a client, consumer or community member
  • Continued access to our team to answer any questions you might have throughout your brand or re-brand development process, as well as the option for Unfussy to conduct:
    • Brand and/or marketing mentorship
    • Review, analysis and edits to your brand and/or marketing strategy
    • Strategic and/or messaging and creative development

Successful brands are earned in the hearts and minds of audiences through perception, promise and performance.

It all starts here, as we instruct you to harness the true power and potential of the simple stick, the joy stick and the match stick in order to transform chaotic vision, obscure reputation and stagnant business performance through the well-ordered, elegant beauty and effectiveness of a proactive brand finely-tuned to the ever-evolving and expanding needs and wants of your audience.

Enough (of the same) is enough. Let’s begin to change the world.
But first, let’s work to change yours. Contact us today.

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