CORE Wellness & Chiropractic

muse-awards-goldGiven the fact that tremendous bias against chiropractic care exists throughout the medical profession, and that a large portion of the public are also weary and distrustful of chiropractic for preventative care, it was imperative that CORE Wellness and Chiropractic look to build relationships with both potential patients and local medical practices to educate and inform as to the health and wellness benefits of chiropractic care. Furthermore, regardless of the prevailing stigma and bias against chiropractic care, studies indicate that patients consistently express more satisfaction with chiropractic care than with other forms of treatment.

The secondary goal then was quickly identified as the placement of a greater emphasis on education and attraction to all those who would benefit from the holistic chiropractic, physiotherapy and massage care to be had at CORE – accurately conveying the professionalism, effectiveness and authentic position of CORE doctors and practitioners as industry and thought leaders, positive change agents and health and wellness handlers.


Driving this rebrand initiative, the following questions were proposed:

Deep in your core, how would you be moved if you found yourself unbound by the limits of health and wellness? Deep in your core, would you find the nerve to rise to any occasion if there simply were no limits?

From world supporters to world-beaters, what we, as the reactionary masses, need more than a spinal adjustment is an attitude adjustment. We need to loosen up. What we require is nothing short of enlightenment; sure to not just educate, but to touch a nerve, stir our souls and shake us to the core.

And in this core, you will find your centre of wellness and open your imagination to new techniques and treatments; to new definitions of health and healing as living well in body, mind and spirit; and to new possibilities from a life better lived – providing the motivation, inspiration and education you seek to “do something” – exercise more, move and stretch better, eat healthier, work smarter, play safer, rest fuller, and truly make a mend; to take care, take action and take charge of your overall well-being… thereby proactively preventing future pains or health concerns.

This is CORE – your Centre ORElief, REcovery and REbirth. From chiropractic care to physiotherapy or massage, get set and get ready to crush your personal best in any of your daily routines with a renewed sense of confidence, optimism and preparedness.