Summit-Creative-AwardsIn the most spirited and teachable moments… and even in the quietest of moments, life can be as complicated and chaotic as it is beautiful.

Love, however, just like a brand as strong as that of Dear Dog Treats, should always be simple, natural and honest.

Free from stress or guilt, both love and brand should nourish and teach and give you food for thought. They should be healthy, tender and desirable. And most importantly, they should be… dear.

Yes, Dear Dog Treats pet food is dear, but most importantly, it’s just that – Food… with thought. With no additives or fillers, spices, by-products or unreadable ingredients, these treats are all bite and no bark… just locally-raised, no-nonsense Alberta beef, goat, lamb and chicken – slowly and uniquely smoked to prevent bacteria while retaining full flavour and aroma, protein and nutrition. The end result is truly food with thought, and a healthy and effective treat – whether to train, reward or just to please.

Simple and delicious are the words of wisdom that begin with Dear Dog Treats. The rest of this brand story is up to you…