As a catalyst for ambitious strategic objectives, the Flagstaff Region pursued a rebranding initiative to:

  • Stem rural population decline
  • Undertake “communities within community” collaborative initiatives
  • Pursue niche economic development opportunities that produce quality jobs

The new brand would be tasked with attracting investors, visitors, and working age individuals and families to stabilize a projected decline in total region population. These families need jobs; or are independent entrepreneurs who create their own, and other jobs. Given 80% of economic development is typically local, the new brand was also tasked with promoting and nurturing internal community pride in support of key business retention and expansion initiatives like local investment mechanisms, youth entrepreneurship, and collaborative multi-community initiatives.

To identify its distinct position in the market, the question was asked – What is the Flagstaff Region? But most importantly, WHY does it matter?

Water availability, low business costs, a low cost of living, and the Hardisty Hub all offer economic opportunities for agriculture, oil and gas services, land-based tourism, and families. But the Region’s prosperity legacy will come from its “secret sauce”: Flagstaff is Classic Alberta. Rooted in connection to big as life land—resilient, proud, friendly, entrepreneurial—working together through innovation to nurture new economic opportunities; reflecting classical values and “human-ness” for those who want to pursue life more authentically lived.

There is Nothing…So Beautiful.

The old joke that you can see your dog run away for three days toward an endless horizon line is honoured in a new Flagstaff Region brand that elevates the effect of large, uncluttered spaces and the “ classic” values local folks have on spiritual well-being. “Nothing” is cheeky to break through today’s marketing noise, but its use of connected “opposites” statements reminds people about what really matters in seeking the deeper meaning of life.

  • Nothing…so big as the open spaces
  • Nothing…is everything…felt more deeply
  • Nothing…so beautiful
  • Stop At Nothing in the relentless, entrepreneurial pursuit of opportunity