Fort Saskatchewan Food Bank

Sometimes the words just aren’t enough.

Sometimes it’s the silent pauses and the things which aren’t said that allow the heart to sing the loudest. Thank you to the Fort Saskatchewan Food Bank for trusting us (in cooperation with Original Video) with your voice in the creation of a video love letter to the generous people of Fort Saskatchewan.

As shared by Kassandra Gartner, Fort Saskatchewan Board President, “This year has brought about extra stress and worry for many. We feel this throughout our community, our province and the world. Our friends and family near and far, our neighbours – everyone has felt the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic. But we felt it was very important for us to share the goodness that has shone through this difficult time. It is often said that our community of Fort Saskatchewan is amazing, and it is, but truly it is something very special to witness the incredible outpouring of support that our food bank has received since March.

Unfussy is a local marketing studio who partnered with us to help us share our heartfelt appreciation with our supporters. We are so very thankful to them for the time and expertise they donated in producing this video for our food bank.”