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Big ideas and bold solutions meet with respect on Integrity Land. On this, we stand our ground.


In a bold move near and dear to our hearts, Fort Saskatchewan’s Integrity Land elected to conduct a little soul searching during the COVID-19 shut down, and shift focus to improving and fortifying the strength of their brand.

These great efforts were not performed as a make-work project, nor did Integrity Land approach this task to appear fresh and relevant with a shiny new logo and website. Through this re-branding process, the company sought to proudly and confidently re-emerge as industry leaders of surface and mineral land consulting services with greater vision, focus and effectiveness to better serve their clients and help enable the growth and progress of industry through the Crown, Freehold, Traditional, and Reserve lands of Canada.

Yes, their integrity may run deep, but with most of the competition laying claim to this trait, that’s hardly a differentiating factor at all. Truly it’s Integrity Land’s deep connection to people and place that elevates the strength and effectiveness of their work and allows their spirits to freely soar with a powerful sense of righteousness, clarity, determination and pride. Understanding and appreciating that the land of this country takes meaning from the souls who protect and respect it, the farmers who plant and work it, the Indigenous cultures who revere and listen to it, the environmental and special interest groups who preserve and restore it, and the dreamers who hope to shape it for the generations of families that will come to live, love and thrive on it, the company’s character and reputation are both firmly grounded to the land and heightened in the hearts and minds of all those who work with them and for them.

As evidenced in their new brand, Integrity Land promotes unity in land division – cultivating meaningful, lasting relationships with professional courtesy, dignity and respect for all parties involved. From their offices within Alberta’s Industrial Heartland, Integrity Land always remains close to success… closing “un-closable” deals because they remain close to the everyday people in the everywhere places their clients need to make positive impressions with. Much more significant than just values of time, cost, quality of service or the much too obvious claims of integrity, this is how Integrity Land lives up to its new tagline and goes Above & Beyond for its oil & gas, pipeline, oil sands, power and gas utilities and transmission, construction, infrastructure, transportation, forestry and environmental, agriculture, telecommunications and renewable energy clients, and these are the attributes by which they truly measure their worth.