Unlike big volume builders, when a customer chooses Landover, they’ve chosen to build up to something even bigger.

Any builder can spark imagination when promising the notion of a “dream” home, but Landover Homes urges customers to dream better. Regardless of age or profession, family size or downtime preferences, life is a series of truly defining moments, and homeowners deserve it all – the big toys and the big joys, and a custom home carefully constructed to hold each and every one of them.

This was the sentiment driving the Landover Homes rebrand. The lifestyle offered by a homebuilder of this caliber demands a brand story as compelling and unique as all of us. We’re all different from everyone else – with essential priorities, tastes and loves exclusively and distinctly ours. We are all extraordinary. Why should our home be any less? Why should the place we choose to hold the very heart of our families be indistinguishable from a thousand other places?


New marketing and creative campaigns asks new home buyers to sit down and stand out with Landover Homes in order to find their ideal place in life and experience the redefinition of high quality living. At Landover Homes, they don’t just build dream homes… they build unique reflections of us all  – original, remarkable and rich with character.  These are truly custom homes for the truly custom.