Lucky Strike Tattoo


Since 2007, Lucky Strike Tattoo has been beautifying the City of Edmonton one piece and one human canvas at a time. With 10 years sunk in, the owners and artists of this award-winning, custom tattoo studio looked to revamp their image and more clearly define their brand through the redesign and promotional launch of a more robust, modern and user-friendly website capable of providing a more authentic brand experience to a new audience of rebels looking to tell a story, and for the right artist to help them show it off.

A stunning testament to vintage-era inspiration, cutting-edge technique, industry-leading standards and trusted family values honouring quality, integrity and creativity, the website immediately saw a 35% increase in traffic while helping to promote Lucky Strike as creators of the best and most striking custom ink Edmonton has to offer… proving that when it comes to brand, luck has nothing to do with it at all.