Mel Martin’s Transfer Ltd.

The simple paradox of the trucking and transport industry is the realization that while so many service providers place significant importance on multigenerational storied histories (and the fact that through tremendous determination and effort, they were able to flourish from these humble beginnings) each have chosen to grow beyond the significance of strong family values – ignoring their roots in favour of their ever reaching branches.

Mel Martin’s Transfer, however, understands that family and familiarity still matter… to them, to the industries and customers they serve, and to the region they live in, support, and traverse through every day.

Of course the ability to provide quickly responsive, reliable, cost-effective and safe, quality service is important; but it’s their strong and absolute commitment to family and community that truly drives them.


No bullsh*t trust and accountability expressed through a firm handshake.

These are the values shared by a company who not only use the term ‘family’ to describe everyone on payroll, but also extend the warm sentiment to clients, partners and vendors alike. This is the reality that drives the Mel Martin’s brand: High road or low road, their family knows no limits… no boundaries. Simply put, no one understands you, your business or these roads like they do. And while they won’t tell you how to run your business, they will tell you how to drive it.

But that’s just like family isn’t it… always in your business.