2021-Muse-AwardsEnough is never enough. Our beating hearts are voracious. They hunger for constant displays of attention and affection, and yearn for meaningful connection. It is with this in mind that SoundLab Studios sought to rebrand following the acquisition of Sherwood Park Music. Now offering instrument and equipment sales in addition to practice, rehearsal, recording and gig and event space, the company required a new brand and brand identity to better position it within the marketplace, within the local music scene, and within the hearts and minds of musicians from all walks of life, and at any stage in their artistic journey.

The new brand needed to tell an epic, face-melting story worthy not just of the new company and its offerings, but also of the people whose harmonious vision brought the space to life – a duet determined to make each of us feel at home when declaring that “All are free to play here” and “All will be heard.” This is their song… for you see, bands may come and go, but a sense of family and community can last forever. And that’s exactly what they’ve created here: an extended family bound together by a love of music and a shared desire to preserve, protect and honour our deep musical roots. Perfectly imperfect, these roots are fed strong on the nostalgia, joys, hopes and dreams of our uncorrupted and incorrigible youth.

Origin Road business cardsThere’s a certain familiar creative buzz and vibe here. A communal atmosphere that runs hot with the potential and excitement of re-found harmony, like a fat thundercloud promising to split with energy and electricity. Regardless of lot, stage or position along your musical journey, this is an open invitation to everyone from all walks of life who have ever made, or just want to make, beautiful music for the sheer love of it. And whether that rings a bell or strikes a chord, it sounds like musical and artistic success by any measurements that matter. So make yourself at home and find your way again and again. For sound travels, just follow us down the Origin Road…