River Valley School is an independent private school of choice that exists to provide exceptional Montessori and enhanced Progressive programs that foster, enrich and prepare the next generation of students for lifelong success.

Given the competitive nature of the educational market in Calgary and area, it was crucial to draw attention to the purpose of the organization, its values and philosophy, and commitment to independent learning, growth, and knowledge leadership through a redesign and repositioning of the school’s identity. By weaving such brand pillars as Confidence, Creativity, Global Citizenship, Independence, Leadership, Peace, Respect and Trust into all marketing and communications, River Valley School will be more inclined to attract the interest and attention of the most critical customer.

Visually translated, the bird is a symbol of soaring spirits and a higher level of learning – a simple, yet powerful reflection of freedom, growth, inspiration and imagination that is further supported by associative graphic elements of strikingly beautiful foliage ever reaching forward through flowing design and colour speaking to creativity and individual exploration and expression.