Strathcona County

Lacking distinct positioning, a core value proposition, and with a generic visual identity, Strathcona County felt a need to more clearly define itself in order to underpin economic development efforts and create an image and purpose that residents and businesses could proudly support. Research with the municipality’s stakeholder groups revealed that while Strathcona’s rural roots and small-town atmosphere were highly valued, the area was home to a high proportion of the region’s “movers, shakers, and doers.”

With this in mind, a new brand and identity was developed for Strathcona County – one that positioned Strathcona as the home of choice for successful people.

To accompany a sophisticated new visual identity, the municipality was provided with a robust messaging platform for its various key target audiences, as well as the development of a complete municipal and wayfinding signage system – which fully employed the use of cost-effective materials and installation techniques due to the sheer size of the program (ie, the use of heavy-duty plastics to simulate stone and poured concrete allowed for the production of 18 ground-mounted monument style welcome signs for the cost of 3 signs using traditional materials).