The Taylor Way is a results-driven, hope-giving and ass-kicking business, life and trauma coaching program to work and live by. It creates order from chaos by blurring the lines between coaching and therapy – connecting the dots of the past and filling the gaps of the present and future in order to reassemble, redefine, reinvent and realize the true potential of men, women and youth looking for a head start toward tailored personal and professional success.

The company featured growth challenges however, due to the limitations of business expansion when a brand is built upon an individual figurehead. Nearing launch of a national / global coaching program, it was critical that founder Dawn Taylor’s image be separated from the company brand (while honoring her legacy and joyous spirit).

The new Taylor Way brand functions in a similar fashion to that of its service offering – softening the lines between therapy and coaching in response to the unique needs and wants of each individual. So as to avoid the filling of knowledge and understanding gaps with incorrect, preconceived assumptions during the blurring of treatment approaches, The Taylor Way program will clearly and concisely define its flexible abilities, roles and responsibilities as both hope-giving trauma / personal / life coach and ass-kicking professional / business mentor in its approach to treatment from a holistic point-of-view.