To drive an increase in residential numbers, a single, unifying brand was needed for the Town of Carstairs so that people felt connected to the town itself and not to any one specific subdivision. The positioning of Carstairs as a safe, family-friendly, small town community for new home buyers, and as “one community” as opposed to a town of multiple, competing communities was critical to establishing Carstairs as the destination, given the community does not have a critical mass of population size, brand awareness, or individual developer size/awareness.

The purpose of the marketing program was to bring qualified new home buyers to the town and into the show homes and/or developer sales centres. New home buyers included first-time buyers, move-up buyers, and retirees looking to downsize or relocate to a small town community. Campaign messaging needed to be tailored to each specific target, while developing and reinforcing Carstairs’ “small town” brand promise. In fact, consistency and credibility of this brand promise was critical to the success of the overall marketing program itself. Simply, the impression of Carstairs that was created by these marketing efforts needed to be implemented and reinforced within the town – reflecting the on-the-ground experience to be had there.

The result was “authentic” small town living made all the more believable through unified brand experiences.