Town of High River


A unifying, aspirational brand campaign identity that reinforces a strategic health and wellness driver was developed to represent High River’s new Economic Development Plan and was intended to be used to socialize the plan with residents and targeted external audiences. A brand campaign was needed as a call to action for the community: that things are “Well Within Reach” – a “new day” is here, and High River aspires to do great things.

As a visual representation, campaign logo work reflects notions of resilience, hope, optimism, and the big, small town character of High River residents.

The High River value proposition (what makes the community different/better than other options people might consider) needed to be identified. The more the community can answer the question – “what do we uniquely have to offer?” – the stronger the tourism, investment, and “local pride” value proposition. High River’s sales pitch and messaging needed to be positioned in the marketplace relative to other community competition and value propositions. The more unique the product offering, and/or the more uniquely it is marketed to break through today’s 24/7 marketing noise barriers, the better the prospects for marketing success.

Within the Economic Development Plan, the town’s value proposition is established by a Vision Statement:

High River is a community of choice because it dares to be different and creative in the way it builds anew, reconnects people to land and nature, is a living gallery of human creativity, has the most dynamic downtown core of any community in Alberta, and defines living well in mind, body, and spirit.

Borrowing from the unifying brand, the ‘teaser campaign’ was meant to pique the interest of those not in High River –What’s happening? What’s the buzz all about? Best suited for mediums such as print ads, billboards and dimensional ad mail, it was not intended to be a long term campaign, but as the conversation starter that invites people to come to High River and see what’s happening.