Brand and Community Building

Where marketing is the act of getting new customers, branding is the divine art of keeping them.

As an intangible collection of opinions, thoughts and feelings that a person holds for you, your products or services, brands live or die in the hearts and minds of your audience. The real question then, isn’t whether or not you should have a brand (surprise! – you already do), but rather – is it the right one, telling the right story, to the right people?

We’ll lead you through a simply rebellious branding or re-branding system.

And just what makes it so revolutionary? The simple fact that we don’t just listen to you… we listen to everyone.

We’ll do the research and feel for the pulse of your audience, your competitors and your industry. What are they saying about you… and what are they not.

And when asked the really difficult, really awkward questions of “Why do you matter?” and “Why should anyone care?”; what are you saying about yourself?

We’ll encourage you to question everything – including your motives, in order to reject conformity and tradition in favour of embracing that one special thing which truly sets you apart from the crowd. What is that which makes your unique offering – and only your unique offering – the best solution to challenge the pain points of your audience; to inspire happiness, and to promote customer loyalty? The answers won’t come easy, but true revolutions and revelations rarely do.


It’s an unfussy approach to formulate the ideas and the actions needed to align your brand direction and business objectives with your future marketing initiatives. We’ll show you how to discover, define and express the personality of your organization through:

  • Brand Audits (assess past and current brand climate and audience and industry brand perception)
  • Executive discovery / brand and identity workshop facilitation to identify client values, vision, direction, pain points and objectives (ie, enter new markets, growth, etc.)
  • Employee discovery workshop facilitation to identify current culture and employee perceptions of the existing brand
  • Competitive brand analysis to establish current brand landscape and relative positioning
  • Define positioning, themes and personas required to differentiate organization and products / services from the competition
  • Develop company and/or product / service naming conventions
  • Define corporate and/or product / service messaging platforms
  • Brand story and messaging platform creation (pillars, key messaging, calls to action, supporting copy, etc.)

Enough (of the same) is enough. Let’s begin to change the world.
But first, let’s work to change yours. Contact us today.

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