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the simple stick, the joy stick, and the match stick.

These are both the tools of our trade, and the pillars upon which we righteously stand as leaders in brand-first marketing strategy and creative execution. Look to Unfussy as a means to pursue happiness (for you and your audience), ignite positive action and spark desired business results in the greater Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta areas.

Our Services

Strategy + -
  • Marketing Audits (assess current marketing strategy, plans, activities and materials)
  • On and off-site research
  • Executive marketing workshop facilitation
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Marketing Gap Analysis
  • Audience awareness / profiling and understanding
  • Messaging, strategic marketing / communications and tactical plans
  • Brand and marketing mentorship
  • Brand and marketing presentations, seminars, panel discussions and interviews

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Traditional & Digital Marketing + -
  • Tactical plan creation and execution
  • Brand and marketing collateral development (ie, print, outdoor, tradeshow)
  • Promotional material (swag) selection and development
  • Event planning
  • Digital strategies
  • Website design and development
  • Content creation (including whitepapers, blog posts, etc.)
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Digital Advertising (eg. Google AdWords or other paid content amplification)
  • Social media strategies
  • Community management (ie, social media marketing)
  • Media / press releases

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Brand & Community Building + -
  • Brand Audits (assess past and current brand climate and audience and industry brand perception)
  • Executive discovery / brand and identity workshop facilitation to identify client values, vision, direction, pain points and objectives (ie, enter new markets, growth, etc.)
  • Employee discovery workshop facilitation to identify current culture and employee perceptions of the existing brand
  • Competitive brand analysis to establish current brand landscape and relative positioning
  • Define positioning, themes and personas required to differentiate organization and products / services from the competition
  • Develop company and/or product / service naming conventions
  • Define corporate and/or product / service messaging platforms
  • Brand story and messaging platform creation (pillars, key messaging, calls to action, supporting copy, etc.)

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Creative Solutions + -
  • Strategic conceptual, creative and art direction
  • Graphic Design and Production
  • Visual Identity (logo) development
  • Stationery packages
  • Marketing, advertising and creative campaign (ie, brand awareness, promotional and recruitment) development
  • Copywriting and creative / professional writing and editing
  • Custom graphics and illustrations
  • Photography and Videography (including video and audio production)
  • Script development (radio, tv, digital)

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We’re simple in our philosophies and processes.

Unfussy operates as a lean, yet elite creative collective – allowing for agility, fluidity and flexibility tailored to each client and each project. The result is award-winning “big agency” experience and expertise for simple “boutique shop” investment in both cost and time.

As an intangible collection of thoughts, feelings and shared ideals, brand exists everywhere and every when an emotional connection is made.

We understand that at its best, brand is competitive advantage.

Regardless of your industry, the true realization of your authentic brand, and knowing how to consistently communicate it to the right people in the right places through relevant and effective, mind, heart and business-expanding marketing can be the difference between hit or miss of your sales or growth targets.

Unfussy, brand-first marketing for business results worth making a fuss about. ’Nuff said.


Enough (of the same) is enough. Let’s begin to change the world.
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