People don’t engage with just logos, identity and pretty pictures – nor through messaging, design or execution devoid of personality, heart, or especially truth.

Audiences engage with authentic and holistic stories and experiences. As such, mattering and momentum matter. And a simple, strong, comprehensive and highly-focused brand that not only exists to create happiness and better the lives of others, but is actually perceived and understood to do so by means of purposeful, powerful marketing, matters most of all.

We fully believe that through a well-defined brand – made stronger by the offering of an abundance of unique social, educational, physical, spiritual or emotional wealth above and beyond a simple product or service, companies, organizations and communities may command the pivotal role of permanent, lifestyle-defining (and ultimately bottom-line driving) protagonist versus that of a forgettable supporting character within the sales cycle of a temporary customer.

This equates to brand loyalty, competitive advantage and tangible gains for any organization or community.

The goal then, should never be “Whatever it takes” to win or to keep a client, but “Whatever it gives” in order to inspire the right people at the right place and time with the right ideals. How much joy are you willing and capable of giving in order to earn lasting consumer allegiance and forge a worthwhile and mutually beneficial relationship with an audience member?

We’ll help determine these answers by first conducting a comprehensive yet unfussy audit of your existing business and marketing systems, strategies, activities and goals. Driven by research for a rich understanding of your audience and your industry, Unfussy focuses upon the planning, inspiring, creating and nurturing of your brand and brand story to encourage and activate a participation economy of audience engagement and interaction with the overall purpose of instilling deep trust, interest, confidence and evangelical loyalty beyond reason.

Regardless of industry, successful brands are earned in the hearts and minds of your internal and external audiences through perception, promise and performance. It all starts here, through the completion of such tasks as:

  • Marketing Audits (assess current marketing strategy, plans, activities and materials)
  • On and off-site research
  • Executive marketing workshop facilitation
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Marketing Gap Analysis
  • Audience awareness / profiling and understanding
  • Messaging, strategic marketing / communications and tactical plans
  • Brand and marketing mentorship
  • Brand and marketing presentations, seminars, panel discussions and interviews

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