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Turns out that Edmonton and Calgary DO have something in common: Us.

In response to the global reach of brand, Unfussy is everywhere.

In terms of physical presence however, we hold offices within Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta with primary focus on the greater Edmonton and Calgary areas and throughout Western Canada.
PO Box 20012 Rpo Stn Crossing, Fort Saskatchewan, AB T8L 4C8

We love coffee – and of course the excuse to consume more of it.

We’ll personally meet with you in a relaxed setting – work, home or a coffee shop (naturally) – to discuss your wants and needs working toward the alignment, integration and coordination of brand, marketing and communications strategies to activate, advance and align the reputation, image, priorities and business plan objectives of your business, organization or community.

Simply put, we’ll get to know you better – and you, us, as we work to connect your purpose to greatness and create something worth making a fuss about.

Regardless of the nature of your industry or of your audience, enough (of the same) is enough. Let’s start to change the world. But first, let’s work to change yours. Contact us today.

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