About Us

We’re all up in our clients’ business…but we won’t make a fuss about it.

As Alberta’s foremost “brand-centric” marketing studio,

we rebel against the execution of marketing action devoid of sound brand direction, and work to expose our clients’ simple truths in response to the nebulous, personal and often awkward, highly-critical questions of “Why do you matter?” and “Why should anyone care?”

A strategic labour of love birthed from the prolific passions between the Calgary area’s Good Bishop Communications and the Edmonton area’s Rebel Soul Creative, our resulting two-headed chimera studio preaches that, as a means to discover and define simple and unfussy answers to these philosophically-nebulous Why questions, we must always look to disrupt typical expectations of an organization, an audience, and of an entire industry.

This is the crucial importance of the brand promise… because it’s simply not good enough to say, “We offer great things – come experience them.” Audiences yearn for happiness, for meaning, and for direction. They want to belong to something bigger than themselves. To be defined by their connection to an ideal, a rebellious cause, and to a simple truth that resonates and designates – answering the near-divine questions of:

“Who will I be if I go there and do, buy, or support this…?”

And even more importantly,

“How on Earth did I ever survive without experiencing that?!”

We’ll work to expose your simple truths…

Because marketing without brand is just a likely story.

Leadership Team

Our rebellious, unfussy souls are restless souls – forever in pursuit of happiness and in search of the simple truth. As a lean and scalable, yet elite creative collective, Unfussy represents a stable of brilliant thinkers and doers (from subject matter experts and strategists to designers, production artists, photographers and videographers) led by two of the most skilled and successful brand and marketing strategists you’ve likely never heard of.

Working in the best interests of our clients, and, perhaps even more importantly, their customers, the result is award-winning “big agency” experience, expertise and service solutions free from the acrobatic entanglements of red tape and hoop jumps into high overhead.

But our goal isn’t to spill our hearts out – it’s to spill yours.
And you’ll quickly grow to love us for it.

Corey Brewis
Partner, Brand Strategy
Cynthia Walker
Partner, Marketing Strategy

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to work with us, this interview on Kea Consulting “Give me 20” video series will give you a taste!