In life, we as a culture have always filled in gaps of knowledge with simple, unfussy explanations… higher, divine powers, magic, the natural healing abilities of loving parents to kiss and fix a scraped knee…

Like repairs to an aging and decaying infrastructure, we fill in these gaps with ever stronger substance as our intelligence and wisdom grow, and abolish previously incorrect notions with more enlightened, evolved thought based upon firmer scientific evidence or shifting social tides, patterns, pressures and acceptances.

Brand gaps work like this as well. If your brand is misrepresented through irrelevant, inauthentic or irresponsible marketing at any touch-point, from poor in-person or online interactions to advertising that’s simply poor in taste, you can be sure that audiences will fill in these gaps of understanding with their own assumptions, in order to reach their own conclusions.

If you look deep enough, you’ll be sure to find the filling of gaps as a repeating pattern throughout history and across most societal systems – from those of religious beliefs to those driving consumer decisions regarding selection and purchase. As religious faith is often tested and forced to splinter or adapt to growing scientific truths and shifting world views, so too is the system of selling goods and services… as evidenced by the rise of brand dominance and the shifting of trends in sales and marketing in response to technological and societal evolution.

This is the theme of our blog: The shifting of trends and the filling in of gaps with a loyal audience fed big and strong on truth, transparency and joy. It is our hope that you use these brand insights as inspiration to contact us… to spark conversation, action, momentum and success… or at the very least that you walk away from your keyboard with a greater respect for nerdy elephants.