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Unfussy Joins the Ranks of Top Branding Agencies in Canada

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A Posting by Clutch

Branding enables your business to connect with your customers better. The relatability aspect that brands give to their audience is what helps in making them feel captivated. However, finding creative ways to make your brand image stand out without going overboard can be difficult since the market can seem saturated. Thus, understanding your customers is a must when establishing a brand image and voice.

Unfussy helps businesses craft a unique brand in order to make their marketing click. Their team see things through your perspective, analyzes the data, and develops a brand identity and marketing strategy that will allow you to engage with your target audiences significantly better. As a business themselves, Unfussy ensures that their clients’ satisfaction comes first, and a happy client for them means that they have a strong brand presence.

Recently, Unfussy received award recognition from Clutch as a top branding agency in Edmonton, and as a leader in the Canadian brand and marketing industry. To give you a better understanding and appreciation of what this means, Clutch is a business ratings platform that helps firms across the globe connect with the solution providers they need in order to improve effectiveness and increase productivity. Every year, Clutch names companies that excel in their industry during the Clutch Leader Awards.

To be eligible for a Clutch Leader Award, companies must exhibit an unusually high ability to deliver top-tier work to their clients. As a results-based award, recognition is no small feat, and Unfussy should be extremely proud of their accomplishments.

“As an Alberta-based branding and marketing studio, our recognition by Clutch in the prestigious category of Top Branding Agency is a testament to the fact that the solutions we provide for our clients are effective – even in times of crisis. With a mandate to pursue happiness for our clients and their audiences, and to change the world one brand at a time, we at Unfussy are deeply honoured and thrilled to know that our branding and marketing work is indeed making an impact and resonating across the globe.” — Corey Brewis, Unfussy Partner and Brand Strategist

As of this posting, Unfussy boats six total reviews on Clutch with a perfect overall rating of five stars. Check out their profile to learn more about their previous projects with some amazing clients. It’s time to make a difference. Let Unfussy start with your brand. Get in touch today to learn how they can help.

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